Hashtag Online – Your One-Stop Graphic Design Hub!

  1. Logo Design: Crafting unique and memorable logos representing a brand’s identity. They’re practically celebrities in the branding world – your brand’s VIPs!
  2. Branding: Transforming brands is our jam! We’ll make your brand look so good that even other brands (including logos, colour schemes, & typography) will be jealous.
  3. Print Design: Our print designs are like the rockstars of paper – whether it’s a business card, brochures, posters or a banner, we make sure it’s ready to party!
  4. Digital Design: We bring digital dreams to life! If pixels could talk, ours would be the life of the online party, including social media posts, website elements, and digital advertisements.
  5. Web Design: Creating user-friendly websites, even your grandma would give them a 5-star review! Because nobody likes a confusing website, right?
  6. Infographic Design: Turning complex info into graphics that say, “Hey, understanding me is a breeze!” Who knew data could be so charming?
  7. Marketing Collateral: Designing materials so effective (flyers, pamphlets, and postcards) that they practically jump off the page and into your customer’s heart. 💓
  8. Corporate Presentations: Our presentations are so captivating that your business meetings might become standing ovations. 🌟
  9. Merchandise Design: Turning ordinary merchandise into conversation starters – because who doesn’t want a T-shirt, mug or stickers that tell a good joke?
  10. Event Branding: Design event materials (invitations, banners, and signage) so fabulous that your guests will be Instagramming them before the event starts. #EventEnvy

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✉️ Email: info@hashtag-online.co.za

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