Have you thought about video marketing for your business?

While you are currently competing in a marathon to have the most engaging marketing strategy out there, take a break and read more about video marketing strategies there is to make your company stand out from the crowd. Video content marketing is spreading like wildfire and it is an important marketing strategy to integrate into all your social media platforms.

According to HubSpot (an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service), more than 50% of consumers want to see videos over any other sort of content. Therefore, integrating video content into your marketing strategy would be beneficial not only for your company but for your consumers as well.

The question still remains, why do consumers prefer to see more video content?

Video content is a lot more convenient than to expect your customers to ready written content, which no one wants to do anyway. Giving easy access to like, comment and share to friends and family benefit your brand by giving you meaningful data and analytics to better your performance.

Which video marketing would best fit your business:
Your customers want informative information, you would open a new communication level with industry professionals. Incorporating interviews into your marketing strategy would definitely help you to build your brand authority.

Don’t let your interview look scripted, having a relaxed interview with an authoritative personality in your industry would show your audience that you are there educate them about your products and not just trying to make a profit out of them.

Keep the conversation light and entertaining, you can discuss topics such as new trends happening in your industry, or exclusive news about the new department you are opening. Let your audience feel relaxed.

Vlogging (Video Blog)
Making your blog live, vlogging is just another way to get informative information out to customers. Vlogging is an effective way to cater to customers visual and audio needs. Video blogging (vlogging) opens up new opportunities for both you and your consumer to experience a new bigger branding strategy.

You can post anything, from new staff arrivals to discussing a new department at your company and this is a great start to show your audience that your brand has feelings and your customers would have a softer side to your company.

You already know what is needed to do a vlog, but do you know how to kickstart the conversation?

Familiarize yourself: Do a quick meet and greet and get the conversation going.
Look presentable: You are representing your business, be well dressed and groom yourself before the vlog.
Make eye contact: Look in the camera, you are talking to your audience.

Take an interactive way to hook your customers to your brand, if you need a little help, we have the right video strategy for your business. Get in touch with us!

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