People will remember your brand with a smile. Take a moment to consider the most memorable marketing campaigns you’ve encountered. What, exactly, made them stand out? Likely, at least one of these marketing messages made you laugh. Good humor is inherently memorable and humorous content is more shareable.

Humor cues: Humor cues are the contextual factors that let you know a joke is about to follow, ‘You must hear this joke!’ is also a humor cue. These humor cues ensure that people are prepared for a joke, which can sometimes work in their favour. People are interested, feel like laughing, and then when a good joke appears, their mission has been accomplished and your message has been delivered.

Humor on social media Humor refers to the tendency to experience or express what is amusing and funny, which is always accompanied by the emotional response and vocal-behavioural expressions, such as laughter and smiling.

While humor works well for a variety of marketing platforms, it’s especially suited to social media, where every like, retweet, and share counts. If comedy convinces followers to hit that share button, it will reach the broadest audience possible with little effort on your part.

Culture Note that jokes are not equally good everywhere.

There are big cultural differences in what is funny and what is not. Given the diverse range of cultural differences in humour, it’s difficult to imagine that there is a universal formula for what makes something funny. It is good to understand different cultures and their customs and ways, this allows you to be more open, attracting customers from different cultures to your brand or company.

Bring on that humor!

Humor cues, unexpected jokes, gloating and taking cultural differences into account can therefore help you make a successful joke. But above all, it is of course important that you are original and your target group. A target group is a defined group of people or organizations that a message, product, campaign, or company focuses on and has been identified as potential customers for your products.

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