Seven authentically social media principles to keep in mind:

1. Prioritizing the platforms you will use, customers, focus on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 2. Be Less Like the Squawking Parrot and More Like the Wise Owl. Instead of talking without thinking about products and advertisements, promote valuable comments that add value to members’ lives. 3. Show, don’t tell. People don’t necessarily care how professional it looks. Clients care more about the content you’re creating. 4. Humanize Your Brand. “Consumers want to engage with the human beings behind a brand, not faceless corporations.” 5. Make others the heroes in your digital story. Locally owned businesses give communities a unique character, but those businesses need loyal customers to survive. 6. Realize that doing good is suitable for your business. Showcase your “good” on social media and let people know you appreciate their support. 7. Turn your members into your digital salesforce. Let clients know the best way to say thanks is by posting on social media and tagging your business. A verbal testimonial should never go unpublished. Visit: Contact: 076 874 7520 Email:

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