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The new day and age make it quite easy to stay informed with the latest Covid-19 updates and news through social platforms. Another amazing benefit of these platforms is the advanced communication tools you and your company can benefit from.

Regardless of the many messaging features embedded in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social platforms, we also bring to you: virtual communication resources namely Zoom and Skype. If you have not heard of these platforms there is no need to worry, we are going to give you a small introduction.

Zoom is a cloud-based video resource platform that can be used for many virtual meetings, conference, webinars live chats and so much more. According to research done by OWL Labs, Zoom is currently the most popular video conferencing solution. There are quite a few customizable settings that you can apply to your meetings such as recordings and choosing between an audio or video meeting.
Follow their quick and easy setup methods and get your business on this amazing platform.

Skype is a widely known video platform, known for not only business use but personal use as well. Just like Zoom, you can have a meeting with several people at the same time. Skype now also offers live subtitles for increased accessibility; you can choose from this and many other customizable features according to your specific needs. Hop onto their website and get connected today!

Adapt and overcome during this Covid-19 pandemic. If you require any more guidance let us know by sending us an email or reaching out to us through our social platforms.

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