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Connecting the Social media dots

that's what we do...we connect your social media to your website to generate more traffic to your website and to generate leads for your business to increase your sales.

Facebook: Currently Facebook is at the top of all social media platforms.
Facebook's benefits:
• Increased exposure to potential clients
• Gather more leads, email addresses
• Inexpensive marketing
• Builds brand loyalty
• Increases traffic to your website and helps boost your SEO

Twitter: Twitter enables you to provide tidbits of news and data all day long.
Benefits of Twitter:
• Allows for up to date communication
• Generates Leads
• Enables you to showcase your brand's personality
• Provides instant feedback, reviews, and comments
• Opportunity to expand customer service

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the social network for working professionals looking to make connections.
Benefits of LinkedIn:
• B2B networking
• B2C networking
• Lead generation
• Employee recruitment
• Opportunity to expand customer service

Pinterest: Pinterest is a virtual pin board, think of it as a digital scrapbook. It is the go-to place for DIY, food and drink and home décor.
Benefits of Pinterest:
• Builds and reinforces your brand
• Showcase your products
• Use for market research
• Customer engagement
• Drive traffic to your website 

Instagram: Instagram is a photo sharing platform that enables you to share photos and short videos.
Instagram benefits:
• Audience engagement
• Builds trust and personality
• Increases traffic to your web page
• Free advertising
• High visibility of posts

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Thursday, 09 July 2020