Influence of Social Media Marketing

Due to the influence of social media, the connection between brands and customers has grown a lot. Now, businesses create tactics after they examine and understand the target consumer's needs, likes and dislikes throughout using Social Media. Social media has a significant effect on the whole world and its businesses.

More traditional marketing such as radio, TV commercials and print (newspapers, pamphlets, magazines, etc.) are very expensive. But, through Social media and Online marketing, corporations or brands can easily connect and interact with their target customers. Using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., you lower your marketing expenses.

Social Media Marketing also has an enormous impact on business growth and performance, also helps in improving business strategies Social media platforms allow businesses to capture the attention of customers while concurrently creating a brand image for your business. Hense through Social media marketing, you can figure out what your target customer's likes and dislikes as well as keeping updated on the newest trends used by the public. Social media marketing also helps a company to create a strong online presence.

Some of the Social media's numerous benefits:

-Improved Customer Service

Social media allows companies to respond to consumer complaints, questions, and concerns faster and easier. Consumers like to know that there opinions and insights matter, they also what to know that they will receive responses as soon as possible

-Stay Connected

Businesses will always be connected with the customers and be able to adapt to the changing interest of the current as well as potential consumers.


Social media is the most cost-effective marketing option beating its competitors.

-Building Brand Awareness

With social media, businesses can build brand awareness amongst consumers and build company image.

-Enhanced Consumer Insights

Companies understand their customers more by empowering them to share their insights, allow businesses to see what current, as well as potential customer's opinions, are and respond to them.


Increased exposure through social media brings new consumers to business, with increase company sales.

Major social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Currently there are 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users with an increase of 16% each new year.
  • Twitter: There are 330 million active Twitter users.
  • LinkedIn: 467 million members connected. This site allows for a more professional audience.
  • Instagram: 800 billion monthly active users. Instagram is mostly used by brands to advertise their products, target their audience and drive real social value

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020