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Invest in Social Media Marketing

 It is Cost-Effective

You can post and share as many times as you want and you can reach thousands of people free of charge. This is a realistic option to combine with other marketing tactics for a comprehensive strategy.

Provides Authenticity

Users can see what the brand is about, what defines the organization.

Helps SEO

Updating and posting on a regular basis can help you show up in relevant search results.

Builds Trust

Users learn what your brand is about, they interact and their social contacts see they endorsed your company.

Provides a forum for Customer care

Over 60% of users communicate through social media and they expect customer service via social media.

Over 90% of users contact brands directly via social media. (statistics via Hubspot)
7 Main advantages of using a Social Media & Online...
Connecting the Social media dots

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Thursday, 09 July 2020